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Cities Analysed
in End User Revenue(in EU27, UK, Norway & Switzerland)
Vehicles analysed
(in EU27, UK, Norway & Switzerland)

European Market

YoY vehicle growth is up 7% vs 2022
YoY Ridership has grown 10%
Free-floating car sharing fleets are up 25%
Dockless bike fleets are up 50%
Moped ridership is down 28%
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Shared mobility is essential for building cleaner, more liveable cities. Fluctuo is the leader in mobility enablement. We provide key stakeholders with the most exhaustive, accurate data on the market to accelerate the growth of shared mobility.

Founded in 2019, Fluctuo quickly became a trusted partner for micromobility & public transport companies, MaaS providers and cities.

Having raised €1.6m with Statkraft Ventures and SNCF’s 574 Invest, we are now developing solutions to offer enablement solutions beyond Europe.

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